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  • Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

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    • Kategori : Kamera Action
    • Berat : 1.0 kg
    • Dimensi : 10 x 10 x 10 (cm)
    • Warna : Green, White

    Have fun, record and shoot at the same time, synchronization with your phone at anytime
    main camera / option for travel

    Change the method of photographing, carry in a pocket a great camera
    16000000-megapixel camera with a wide angle lens, high-speed video filming, synchronization with your phone at any time
    Do not allow heavy and uncomfortable cameras to not let you make great pictures or record a variety of videos in a moment! To do this, we have invented a special, completely new camera, which not only creates high-quality pictures, but also has excellent performance, and its weight is only 72g. Now, when you're going on a journey or to actively relax, there is no need to carry a noncompact, heavy device to stop in order to focus on something. You just press a button and you get a striking image quality with bright and vivid colors. A built-in camera WIFI adapter will help you at any time to synchronize all of the files on the phone and edit them in a moment. Optional accessories can help to create unique images. Take Yi Camera with you, enjoy and have a lot of fun from shooting.

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