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  • New Behringer CE500A Pair Speaker White Buy it Now! Make Offer Auth Dealer! (white)

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      • Brand : No Brand
      • Kategori : Speaker Komputer
      • Berat : 13.0 kg
      • Dimensi : 10 x 10 x 10 (cm)

      Active 2-way Commercial Sound Speaker with 5.5' Woofer, 0.5' Tweeter, Magnetic Shielding, and 60Hz to 23kHz Frequency Response
      Upgrade the audio in your building with Behringer CE500A Commercial Sound Speakers. Designed for use in offices, restaurants, museums, multimedia studios, home studios, and more, the CE500A sports 80W of clean power to ensure that your music or message is heard. XLR and RCA inputs make it easy to setup your system in minutes. A built-in limiter keeps your speakers safe from damage. And the included mounting bracket lets you mount your speaker in the perfect position. Give your building's sound quality a boost with the Behringer CE500A Commercial Sound Speaker.

      Behringer CE500A Commercial Sound Speaker at a Glance:
      Powered speakers for any building
      Connections for any situation
      Portable solution for PA needs
      Powered speakers for any building
      Adding a speaker system to your building can be a hassle. The common 70V systems can be a pain to setup and the typical ceiling-mounted 'tin cans' don't really have the best sound. The Behringer CE500A Commercial Sound Speaker is the perfect solution for your needs. This powered speaker delivers 80W of detailed sound from a 5.5' woofer and a tweeter. You'll love the upgraded sound and easy setup of these speakers for your facility.

      Connections for any situation
      Behringer loaded the CE500A Commercial Sound Speaker with a host of inputs to cover almost any situation. A single XLR input lets you plug in a microphone for announcements or a line level from a mixer for added flexibility. Stereo RCA inputs are ideal for plugging in a CD player or other music player to feed audio throughout your building. Behringer even included a Link Output so you can connect multiple speakers together to give you more coverage without any hassle. We know that having flexible speakers is important to you, and we're confident that the Behringer CE500A Commercial Sound Speaker can do the job.


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