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  • Hollyland Mars 400 Dual HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System RESMI

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      • Brand : No Brand
      • Kategori : Aksesoris Handphone & Tablet
      • Berat : 1.3 kg
      • Dimensi : 10 x 10 x 10 (cm)

      Hollyland Mars 400 Dual HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System

      BONUS Baterai

      To transmit video, the MARS 400 uses a 5Ghz frequency band, with up to 400 feet (120m) line-of-sight range. According to Hollyland, the latency is less than 0.1 second. Below is a quick chart of all the video resolutions and framerates that are supported by the transmitter and receiver.
      iOS & Android App Monitoring

      One of the most exciting features of the Hollyland MARS 400 is probably its capability to connect to an iOS/Android mobile device via an App. Indeed, the MARS 400 supports up to 4 App connections while the transmitter is connected to one or none receivers.
      In the App, three modes are available: image mode, balance mode, and speed mode. Depending on your needs, you can prioritize what type of transmission you want. For example, you can go with lower video quality or low latency, or the balance between both.

      On top, in the App, you can take screenshots of the scene, and even record on your mobile device. To connect your mobile device to your MARS 400, all you have to do is download the Hollyland app, scan a QR code at the back of the receiver, and voila!
      The MARS 400 is aimed at one-man-band shooters and small crews, so I find this feature useful. Sometimes, the budget is tight, and you don’t have that much room to rent an extra monitor. Having the ability for your crew members/clients to monitor what you are doing with their smartphone can make a difference

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