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    #AnakBlanja is The Happiest Team
    in The World!

    Our Core Values

    "We are #AnakBlanja, and we have #NoLimits. We believe that having choices without limits is one of the embodiment of self-empowerment."

    Who Are We?

    "We provide option for people to choose. Both online and offline. We continue to educate, we enable choices through technology."

    Work Tirelessly

    "There are more innovative ways to empower - we are not limited by a website."

    Constantly Challenge Ourselves

    "Questioning: "How does our technology benefit buyers and sellers?""

    Always Ask Question

    "We grow together. Each person and each community deserve the sustainable building."

    Be Networked

    "See the big picture, but we remember to always be humble and down to earth."

    Think Big Act Small

    Meet Our People!

    Gea Margarani


    Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

    Retno Juwita

    Graphic Designer

    I never lose. Either I win, or I learn.

    Aditya Eka P

    Head of IT Platform

    Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is a success.

    Brian Colose

    Fraud Analyst

    Respect others and treat everyone the way you wanna be treated.

    Join Our Team!

    Indonesians deserve the best, and in, we open the door to the best choices through innovations, everyday.