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    Classically advanced materials.

    The G4's design and fabrication span all the way from classic to cutting edge. With Metal Craft Ceramic Craft and Leather Craft, the G4 is an aesthetic throwback to the future.

    In creating the G4, LG designers took inspiration from everywhere to create an ergonomic, gently contoured device crafted from timeless materials. As a result, the smartphone has never looked — or felt — so good.

    Brilliance is on full display

    Improved contrast, brightness and color range1. The 5.5" IPS Quantum display on the all-new G4 gives viewers an unmatched visual experience.

    The display has taken a quantum leap.

    The display on the new G4 uses IPS Quantum technology to produce accurate color with impressive contrast ratios for the next level of detail. Translation? Images spring to life with vivid, brilliant color reproduction and draw you in like never before.


    Increased brightness makes photos and videos easier to see, whether you're in a brightly lit room or outdoors on a sunny day.


    A broader range of bright to dark means everything on screen is now more striking, with crisp whites and nuanced blacks, and more shades in between.


    The amazing range of the G4's display reproduces sunsets, selfies, salads and more in vibrant color that cover 98-percent of the DCI color space standard.